Juventus lift 2021 Coppa Italia Trophy! | FULL CELEBRATIONS & POST MATCH | TIMVISION CUP

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Juventus clinched a Coppa Italia triumph and a second trophy for their coach Andrea Pirlo with a 2-1 victory against Atalanta in the final on Wednesday. Watch the full final whistle and post-match celebrations. | TIMVISION CUP

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  1. Osquinho Muinho
    Osquinho Muinho
    17 days ago

    Yo soy de la JUVE

  2. Osquinho Muinho
    Osquinho Muinho
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  3. Osquinho Muinho
    Osquinho Muinho
    17 days ago

    Forza JUVENTUS

  4. Adryan
    Month ago

    14:01 Duvan Zapata throws away his silver medal

  5. Antonio Blair Angkat
    Antonio Blair Angkat
    Month ago

    Juventus win

  6. Farhah Muti
    Farhah Muti
    Month ago

    Ronaldo tetap yg terbaik

  7. Abhinav Rawat
    Abhinav Rawat
    Month ago

    18:26 personal timestamp.

  8. sidiq64
    Month ago

    Lw mamam tuh atalanta

  9. majeed reali
    majeed reali
    Month ago

    Ronaldo. chiesa. coadrado. boffon. delight. dibala. 👍others 💩

  10. Media Ummat
    Media Ummat
    Month ago

    Ronaldo best perfom, Juve=Ronaldo

  11. Dom Madridista
    Dom Madridista
    Month ago

    Ronaldo the best

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  14. HDR 216
    HDR 216
    Month ago

    Perfect End of the Season❤

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    HDR 216
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  16. Herman Duke
    Herman Duke
    Month ago

    Well deserved victory.......To win in soccer the most important thing is a strong finish ...and that's what la Juve did...and many players raised their performance level in the Juve.....and other teams some players just did the opposite ...and became of no noted relevance worth mentioning in the last games .........t

  17. MR T DOES ?????
    MR T DOES ?????
    Month ago

    I respect the Atalanta fans clapping for juve Big resoect

  18. Carlos Karim Gonzáles vargas
    Carlos Karim Gonzáles vargas
    Month ago

    Cr777 THE BEST FOREVER....

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    Maing Ryan
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    Cepi Gartiwa
    Month ago

    Congrat Juve from 🇮🇩

  22. altin aliraj vlora altin aliraj vlora
    altin aliraj vlora altin aliraj vlora
    2 months ago

    Lukaku Ronaldo juventus vs inter cup 🏆🏅

  23. sancha rai
    sancha rai
    2 months ago

    Congratulation JUVE from Sikkim,India.

  24. perdi 08G
    perdi 08G
    2 months ago

    Mantap juve 👏👏👏👍👍👍💥💥💥

  25. Remy Elu Channel Mecos
    Remy Elu Channel Mecos
    2 months ago

    Ronaldo & Morata& Dibala

  26. Abdel Moubarik
    Abdel Moubarik
    2 months ago

    Please number téléphone cr7

  27. Nurdin Hidayat
    Nurdin Hidayat
    2 months ago

    a Jeeeppp 👍🏆

  28. Mohammad juna
    Mohammad juna
    2 months ago

    Forza Juve

  29. Helmi Umar
    Helmi Umar
    2 months ago

    Buffon pensiun kah ??

  30. WA IL
    WA IL
    2 months ago

    Gigi 😭

  31. erna love
    erna love
    2 months ago

    Congrats Juventus, cr7 supporter from Philippines

  32. Putra Yudha Wijaya
    Putra Yudha Wijaya
    2 months ago

    Juventini INDONESIA

  33. Az Ka
    Az Ka
    2 months ago

    Im from indonesia Very very like Juventus

    2 months ago

    not just Buffon last game but also Ronaldo :(

      2 months ago

      last competition

  35. Zyan Roy
    Zyan Roy
    2 months ago

    Congrats JUVE for qualifying to the Europa League 21/22

  36. Pierre Fre
    Pierre Fre
    2 months ago

    Juve 💩

  37. Ujjwal Narayan
    Ujjwal Narayan
    2 months ago

    FUN FACT: Ronaldo has more trophies than spurs

  38. dimaz tama
    dimaz tama
    2 months ago

    Selamat untuk Juve👏👏. Atalanta musim ini kalian Gacor mainnya. Insha Allah tahun depan Juara kalian.

  39. szewei1985
    2 months ago

    Haha well deserved Juve. Old Lady still bringing the luck here.

  40. Ana Paula Leitão
    Ana Paula Leitão
    2 months ago

    Bravo Juventus from Portugal 🇵🇹 Cristiano Ronaldo é o MAIOR 💪

  41. l
    2 months ago

    SEMPRE FORZA JUVENTUS!!!!⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹💝💝💝💝💝 Grazie!!!!

  42. the HOKI
    the HOKI
    2 months ago

    FORZA JUVE...From Manado Indonesia

  43. Romeo Euclides Maia
    Romeo Euclides Maia
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    Parabens Equipa ⚽️♥️JUVE, ☝️ From East Timor 🇹🇱🇹🇱

    1. MR.olivia
      Month ago

      From 🇲🇨 Indonesia

  44. Abubakari Abdulai
    Abubakari Abdulai
    2 months ago

    A lot of people had no masks 🤣 on

  45. Raouf Ferjani
    Raouf Ferjani
    2 months ago

    ❤️Forza Juve♥️

  46. Wildan Saladin
    Wildan Saladin
    2 months ago

    Now Gattuso and Pirlo have the same trophy in their cabinet. lol

  47. IndonesiaKu damai Vivo
    IndonesiaKu damai Vivo
    2 months ago

    Juventus CR7 👍👍👍❤❤❤

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  51. ViDemis
    2 months ago

    Thank you for this video! Most channels cut source after the match finishes, and we really wanted to enjoy all the celebrations of Juve!

  52. Irvan Ermansyah
    Irvan Ermansyah
    2 months ago

    Hahahaha joke trophy 🤡😜

  53. Уразали Садыков
    Уразали Садыков
    2 months ago

    Пирло хороший футболист раннее, и будет хорошим тренером ,у него всё получиться. Милан и Наполи всеровно споткнуться, я уверен Ювентус будет в лиге чемпионов.

  54. Robert Negron
    Robert Negron
    2 months ago

    Cr7 coming to man utd

  55. Danang Wijan
    Danang Wijan
    2 months ago

    Forza Juve from Indonesia 🇲🇨

  56. MR .F
    MR .F
    2 months ago

    I still believe in pirlo no matter what he got in this season

  57. Mario Debono
    Mario Debono
    2 months ago

    Dear Juve please give Pirlo a chance - a great example of this is Man U and Ole Gunnar Solskjær

  58. Bachtiar Design
    Bachtiar Design
    2 months ago

    Atalanta player : u make us dead now, we make u dead next vs milan. (next match vs milan, our goal is wide open to you my friend 😂😂😂dont hesitate to make your own goal)

  59. Indra Restu Fauzi
    Indra Restu Fauzi
    2 months ago

    Pinsoglio is mvp

  60. Gubal Gubil
    Gubal Gubil
    2 months ago

    cr7 trofi rekor👍

  61. AlSeraj Ali
    AlSeraj Ali
    2 months ago

    Ronaldo+Chesa The best

  62. AlSeraj Ali
    AlSeraj Ali
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  63. Mikhail Shulyak
    Mikhail Shulyak
    2 months ago

    Congratulations Juve , next season you will be plaing in Europe League =))

  64. Aletta
    2 months ago

    Congrats to JUVE..⚪⚫ Bravo..👏👏👏

    2 months ago

    always win the thropy every season... last performance from gigi buffon.. thanks legend

  66. aditya bayu
    aditya bayu
    2 months ago

    Juve tok sak nomer

  67. Farul
    2 months ago

    Juve 🇮🇹🏆🇮🇩

  68. isa aden
    isa aden
    2 months ago

    What is the name of instrumental music?

  69. Juventus
    2 months ago

    Forza Juve

  70. Irawan Pranoto
    Irawan Pranoto
    2 months ago

    La Vecchia Signora ha vinto ancora!!!

  71. Gubin Pegu
    Gubin Pegu
    2 months ago

    Love you ronal 7

  72. Hishaam Hussain
    Hishaam Hussain
    2 months ago

    Congrats Juve for winning the Coppa Italia record 14th time well deserved

    2 months ago

    Chiesa the next number 10

  74. Rio Dejenairo
    Rio Dejenairo
    2 months ago

    FinoAllaFine ⚪⚫

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    Сергей Берёза
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    Люблю вас

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  78. Mr MUNYANG
    2 months ago

    Well done boyz!!!

  79. Alhagie Jallow
    Alhagie Jallow
    2 months ago

    Congratulations juve. ....keep up the momentum. .

  80. Ummer Farook
    Ummer Farook
    2 months ago

    Happy for ronaldo

  81. Ahmad Salah
    Ahmad Salah
    2 months ago

    Forza Juve Forza Gigi Forza Pirlo

  82. Gogogo Yay
    Gogogo Yay
    2 months ago

    Juara hiburan 2021

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    aw 1313
    2 months ago

    Pirlo stay

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    ervan nugraha
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    Congrats juve from indonesia👌👌

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    Vincenzo Ragosta
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    16:04 CRINGE

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  87. Dennis Iskandar
    Dennis Iskandar
    2 months ago

    Don pirlo; THE LUCKY MAN..

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    Yayan pamungkas
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      Nanda Setya Darmawan
      2 months ago

      Siaapp lur

  89. noor ramadhan
    noor ramadhan
    2 months ago

    Thank u very much!!! This most interesting moments video. Thousands thumb up for your job. It would be perfect, when u give translate what the men on field talk about. It would be more interesting. Big thanks 🤝👍🏻👍🏻

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    KingTM FaisalTM
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    Forza Juve⚪⚫⚪⚫

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    Bandi greged
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    Forza juve 😎❤

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    Reus Arul
    2 months ago

    Juve Storia di un grande amore!!!!!

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    Reus Arul
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    Juve per sempre!

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    Reus Arul
    2 months ago

    Forza Juventus

  95. Yura tadashi 676
    Yura tadashi 676
    2 months ago

    I Juventini in indonesia congratulation in juventus

  96. M. Fauzi
    M. Fauzi
    2 months ago

    This is about history and record ..not trofi....yes ronaldo ..you are GOAT...YOU catch trofi every 3 top league im europe ......WC left no problem....you have 2 tropies international....i think YOU ARE G.O.A.T real.

  97. I T
    I T
    2 months ago

    10:20 Ronaldo looking at Chiesa's MVP prize 👀😂😂

  98. Rizki Ananda
    Rizki Ananda
    2 months ago

    Last season Juve still get Scudetto but Sarri Out and Now Juve only get Coppa Italy? Pirlo will stay or out?

    1. Champion Kid401
      Champion Kid401
      2 months ago

      Also the super copa italiana

  99. Pro Production17
    Pro Production17
    2 months ago

    We need cr7 in serie A

  100. Cornellius Dimas Berlin
    Cornellius Dimas Berlin
    2 months ago

    This won is nothing all about Pirlo tactic, this is all about Chiesa and Kulu masterclass who won it, Buffon magic who guide it, and Ronaldo touch who above all the best in this match, but still we have work to do for finish top 4 in Serie A, if we did not manage to reach it, this season will not far away from failure

    1. Soulless Senpai
      Soulless Senpai
      2 months ago

      Absolutely. It was individual brilliance from few players. Pirlo was bad as usual with the Lineups. Danilo is not a natural left back he really was out of position , plus Juve still backpassss alot specially Chillini. Juves midfield have no vision or creativity. It's sad.